Battery Storage

Battery Storage – store the power you generate.

Solar battery storage is the obvious choice when you opt for a Solar PV installation.  Batteries allow you to store up your energy generated throughout the day so that you can use it in the evenings when there is no sun and a lower generation.

But that’s not all!  Other benefits to storing your energy are that you will significantly reduce your energy costs and you’ll become less dependent on energy from the national grid. What’s more – you could start earning money by selling your surplus energy back to the grid! What’s not to like about that?

Find out more about battery storage options in our FAQs

Absolutely. We will confirm your inverter is compatible and we can integrate a battery whenever you decide.
Your battery is easy to fit in most places around the home. This can include your garage, attic or cupboard in the house.
Our designers will choose the correct battery for your installation to give you optimum storage power.
Yes, Funding is available to help with the cost of adding a battery. We can help you find out about funding and supply all the information you will need to get your funding processed.
Batteries do vary in price depending on what you need. They come with a 15 year lifespan so you may need to consider replacing them before you need to replace your solar panels which usually have a 25 year warranty. Speak to sales team to find out more.