Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) and Battery Storage Systems

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Solar power as one of the best known forms of renewable energy is paving the way to a cleaner future. The sun energy is abundant, available throughout the year, free and easy to convert directly into electricity. It’s also environmentally friendly as CO2 is not a by-product of PV energy production. Solar PV is a fantastic investment which will provide free electricity and is supported by the Smart Export Guarantee Scheme and interest free loans.

No CO2

PV cells don’t need direct sunlight to work – you can still generate electricity on a cloudy day. All you need is just sunny space on your roof or in the garden, as there are a few system options: on-roof, in-roof, flat roof, façade and ground-mounted systems. A south facing roof gives you the best efficiency although a system mounted on east or west roof space can be very profitable too.

MCS Certified

Here at All Renewable Energy we install Solar PV systems from only leading brands that are approved by MCS, including major European manufacturers used successfully worldwide. Wide choices of suppliers and products enables us to maximise the energy yield from the available space by selecting solar panels which best fit your roof or garden.

How does it work?

Solar PV is a renewable energy system which uses PV modules on the roof of a building to convert light into electricity. PV module cells are made up of thin layers of semi-conducting material which generate an electrical charge when exposed to daylight. When light hits the cells, it creates an electric field across the layers, producing a direct current – that is called photovoltaic effect. This direct current (DC) is then fed into an inverter, which changes it into usable alternating current AC (AC electricity comes from the National Grid) and is either consumed by the household or sold back to the National Grid.

Although Solar PV systems work better in direct sunlight, they are not reliant on it. They need only daylight to generate electricity. However, the location of the PV is important. They should receive the maximum amount of daylight possible, so it’s not advised to install PV panels where trees or surrounding buildings may cast shadows. For more information and a site survey contact us.

We can install solar PV arrays on tiled, slated, corrugated or flat roofs as well as ground mounted systems.  Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Reasons to install solar energy

There are many reasons why you should install solar energy in your home.

  • Solar Energy is renewable – and contrary to belief you don’t always need full sunlight for panels to produce energy.
  • It’s planet friendly! – In this climate emergency it’s up to us all to do our best and help slow down climate change.  It’s a clean and sustainable way to generate energy.
  • You can sell your excess energy – The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) means you can make money when you export your excess renewable energy back to the grid.
  • Long lasting and amazing value for money – the average panels can last up top 25 years, making them extremely cost effective and easy to maintain.

Solar Panel FAQs

South is best but a roof that faces east or west would be fine for solar panels and you will still be able to generate solar energy
Obviously every installation is different but the average size of a solar panel is approximately 2m2. In general, a typical residential installation with be anything from 8-12 panels.
Our solar panels typically come with a 20 year performance warranty with a life expectancy of 25 years.
Yes, Funding is available from Home Energy Scotland but must include the installation of a heat pump. You can find out all about the funding options on their website